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Benefits Of Irrigation

The application of controlled amount of water to plants at needed interval is referred to as irrigation. For as long as there is a continues supply of water, you are able to grow any crop of interest to you. Irrigation is majorly used in fertile lands that contain favorable soil which support a specific type of plants. Besides, irrigation is also applicable where there is limited amount of rainfall but the soils are favorable for agricultural practice particularly plant growing. For that reason, it is advisable that anyone or any company that can practice irrigation to do so. This is because, through irrigation, the number of farm produce will increase hence the prices of food will decrease. Surplus food may even be provided to the needy hence helping the community.

As a result of the numerous importance, we should encourage irrigation at all cost. We are able to improve the appearance and aesthetic values of our lands, farms and the compounds of our homes and companies through irrigation. As a result, a comfortable environment that is appealing to the eye is created.

Agricultural engineers, agriculturalists and bio-technologist are able to monitor and improve on there agricultural projects through irrigation. This is because they are able to control the amount of water in the farm thereby controlling the growth rate. They are able to study the plants by observations and testing thereby drawing conclusion with growth rate controlled. The scientists and engineers are able to advise the farmers and the government on the way forward with the concluded results. This improves on crop production and reduces the chances of crop disease or an out break.

The amount of food production in the market will increase due to controlled irrigation. As a result, it will bring income to farmers and earn revenue to the government. The standards of living of the farmers and employees will be raised as a result of the profits that farmers make and wages made by the employees. The revenue earned by the government as a result will be put into good use and this will help the common citizen as a result.

Those living close to the water channel have a man made source of water with the help of irrigation. They are able to pump the water to tanks and purify the water in the process. The water is made safe for drinking thereby reducing the chances of an outbreak such as cholera as a result.

Irrigation leads to a significance increase in population due to the availability of food . For that matter, the increased population creates ready market for the farm produce that are produced. As a result, business opportunities are created which creates employments opportunities to the local citizen. This improves on both the infrastructure and housing as a whole.

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